Coronavirus: 248 new cases takes total past 10,000 mark (updated)

The health ministry on Saturday announced 248 new coronavirus cases, including 69 cases confirmed through PCR tests after they tested positive with a rapid test in previous days.

They bring the total number of cases so far to 10,231.

The new cases were a result of 14,455 tests, out of which 6,590 were PCR.

Out of those, 65 cases were identified through the testing of 546 contacts of people who already tested positive to coronavirus; 59 from 1,950 tests carried out on private initiative; 18 from 312 tests in hospitals and two cases out of 207 tests after referral from a personal doctor.

Four cases were identified from 1,289 tests of employees in Limassol; 11 from 775 tests on workers traveling to and from Limassol and Paphos; 11 from 623 tests on Paphos workers; three from 126 tests in schools; five from 95 tests on migrants and another case was identified from 494 tests or people arriving at the airports.

Sixty-nine people who had tested positive with a rapid test were confirmed on Saturday.

A total of 7,865 antigen rapid tests were carried out on Saturday, which resulted in 104 positive cases.

Those cases are expected to be confirmed through PCR testing in the upcoming days. Meanwhile those found positive with a rapid test must self-isolate.

A total of 114 coronavirus patients were being treated in state hospitals.

Of those, 61 were in the Famagusta reference hospital, including four in the intensive care unit. Of those, 23 are elderly patients from various care homes.

Nicosia general hospital had 28 Covid patients, 16 in intensive care out of which four are intubated. Another seven were being treated at the Makarios hospital in Nicosia.

Eighteen patients were in Limassol general hospital.

In the Eden Resort, 74 Covid-19 patients with mild or no symptoms were hosted.

Cyprus Mail