Coronavirus: Draconian new measures for Limassol and Paphos (Updated)

The government announced draconian new measures for Limassol and Paphos on Wednesday to restrict the spread of the coronavirus which will see a ban on all movement in and out of the two cities for 15 days.

  • Limassol and Paphos will enter a 15-day lockdown, beginning Thursday night, with the focus on restricting movement.
  • The curfew in those two cities will be from 8pm to 5am and movement in or out of the areas will be prohibited – checks will be enforced by the police.
  • All public gatherings banned
  • Exceptions to the movement ban in those areas will apply to essential state employees such as doctors, nurses, teachers and so on.
  • As for schools, lyceums will close from November 16 and lessons for those students will move online.
  • Nurseries, primary schools and gymnasiums will remain open.


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