Coronavirus: Fears of cluster at slaughterhouse after three positive cases

Three veterinary officers who are health inspectors at a slaughterhouse in the Nicosia district have tested positive for coronavirus and further tests at the facility suggest a cluster of cases, the health ministry said on Friday.

Tests will also be carried out among staff at a second slaughterhouse in the Nicosia district after a health inspector there tested positive for Covid-19, it added.

In a written statement, the ministry said that after the three inspectors tested positive at the first slaughterhouse, all employees underwent a test at the initiative of the management. The tests will be completed tomorrow, but first indications point to a cluster of cases.

Moreover, a new Covid-9 case was found yesterday involving a health inspector at a second slaughterhouse and all staff there will undergo tests through tracing for preventive reasons.

Instructions have been given by the health ministry to disinfect both facilities. The first slaughterhouse will remain closed for 48 hours until all the tests are carried out and the situation is reassessed.

The second abattoir does not operate on weekends.

Cyprus Mail