Coronavirus: New record of 314 cases announced (updated)

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Cyprus recorded 314 cases on Saturday and one death, setting a new record for the country, with the minister calling on the public to abide by the measures.

The new cases include 92 workers at a Nicosia slaughterhouse announced earlier in the day.

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An 82-year-old man with underlying health issues died at Famagusta reference hospital on Saturday from Covid-19.

To date, 35 people have died in Cyprus with the virus, out of which 27, 18 men and nine women, died from it.

The new cases bring the total number recorded on the island to 5,871.

Saturday’s were the result of 4,218 tests.

According to the ministry’s statement, 60 cases were traced from 524 tests of contacts of already confirmed cases, 94 cases were found from 1,736 tests taken through private initiative, 14 cases from 284 tests taken from the Microbiological Laboratories of the state hospitals, 44 cases were traced from 1,008 tests at the airports and eight cases as a result of doctor referrals from 261 tests.

One case was identified from 202 tests at schools and another from eight tests on migrants.

Earlier Health Minister Constantinos Ioannou said the slaughterhouse outbreak is “extremely worrying” and “demonstrates the incorrect application of the relevant health protocols and the violation of protection measures in several cases”.

The tests were carried out by a private laboratory after three veterinary officers who are health inspectors at the slaughterhouse tested positive for coronavirus on Friday.

According to the ministry, the slaughterhouse will remain closed.

“Unfortunately, in many cases, despite the constant consultations, appeals, instructions, facilitations and warnings, there is unforgivable indifference,” Ioannou added.

On Saturday, 53 Covid-19 patients were being treated at Famagusta reference hospital for coronavirus. Five of them are treated at the high dependency unit. One patient deteriorated and was transferred while intubated to Nicosia general hospital.

There are also 73 people at the Eden Resort Rehabilitation Centre in Tersefanou, were asymptomatic patients or patients with mild symptoms are hosted.

In the north meanwhile, ten cases were traced on Saturday from 1,899 tests.

Cyprus Mail