Cyprus remains on England’s ‘green list’

Cyprus has remained on the England’s ‘green’ travel corridors list, despite the recent spike in coronavirus cases on the island.

It means persons traveling to England from Cyprus do not need to self-isolate. These persons must have spent the last 14 days in Cyprus.

If a person has visited somewhere that is not on the ‘green’ list in the 14 days before their arrival in England, they will need to self-isolate. Visiting includes making a transit stop, according to UK government guidance.

Liechtenstein was the only country removed from England’s ‘green’ list this week.

Four destinations were removed from the ‘red’ quarantine list, including Mykonos, the last of the Greek islands that remained in it.

From 4am on Sunday travelers from Mykonos, the Canaries in Spain, Denmark and the Maldives will no longer have to isolate on arrival in England.

The travel corridors list is reassessed and updated every Thursday afternoon.

Cyprus Mail