Efforts on both sides to live in a united society

To the Editor,

I am concerned about the wide publicity given to the dreadful events on December 21, 1963. I would request that you please publish my letter in response to Mr George Koumoullis’ article ‘Revisiting the 1963-64 armed conflict’.

At the outset, I wish to make clear that I am not against publicising all crimes committed by Greek Cypriots against our Turkish Cypriot compatriots. In fact, I am in favour and would like to see the establishment of a Truth and Reconciliation Commission like in South Africa to record the suffering of our people and teach the future generations. Personally, I never use crimes committed by the TMT to accuse the Turkish Cypriot community.

It is completely irresponsible when someone continuously blames one community or the other for crimes when both are victims of a heinous conspiracy. Mr Koumoullis’ writings are based on hearsay and suppositions, without making the slightest effort to investigate the truth. By doing so he is adding to mistrust and animosity between our two communities and provides propaganda to the Grey Wolves.

Has he ever acknowledged the fact that the GC have elected a Turkish Cypriot to represent them in the European Parliament? Is it not worth mentioning this clear indication by the GC that they wish to live together in a united Cyprus? He has also omitted to mention that Turkish Cypriots working in the free part of their country are demonstrating against the closure of the roadblock.

Not only does he ignore the efforts of the GC and TC patriots, but his writings undermine their struggle to avert the partition of their country. He writes “everyone understands what his perception allows him to, according to a wise saying. In Cyprus this perception is affected by immoral, hostile, aggressive and blind nationalism.” Blind nationalism in Cyprus, although dangerous, is insignificant in comparison with the extreme nationalists who form the government of Turkey, which occupies part of the island. In Erdogan’s Turkey, the jails are full of political prisoners.

Costas Karseras

Cyprus Mail