Herbs recalled after failure to list potential allergen

The health ministry’s public health service recalled on Wednesday basil and mint from two brands because of a failure to list a potential allergen among ingredients.

Both herbs were found to contain celery, which is an allergen and could potentially cause issues to those allergic to it.

The specific ingredient was not listed on the packaging, which violates current food labelling legislation, according to the public health service.

The manufacturer has already been notified, with instructions for an immediate recall/withdrawal of the specific batch from the market.

Meanwhile, members of the public who may have already bought the specific product and are allergic to celery are advised to refrain from consuming the products and to return them to their point of purchase.

Product details can be found below:

  1. Product: Basil

Brand: Macao

Best before: 31 DEC 2024

Batch number: LOT.2022

Country: Greece

Net Weight: 40g

Packaged in glass jar

  1. Product: Ground Mint

Brand: Carnation Spices

Best before: 31 MAR 2026

Batch number: L290822

Country: Egypt

Net Weight: 165g

Packaged in plastic jar

Cyprus Mail