Syllouris suggests president calls meeting of party leaders to discuss investment programme

House President Demetris Syllouris said on Monday he was writing a letter to President Nicos Anastasiades suggesting a meeting of party leaders to discuss either suspending, ending or further improving the citizenship by investment programme.

In his statements at the parliament, Syllouris said his initiative aimed to dispel any doubt about the programme. “If there are any doubts, there should be no programme”.

Syllouris read out his letter to Anastasiades, which he says was designed to facilitate a possible investigation.

“In relation to the programme, I suggest that by utilising the new regulations, as passed on 31 July 2020, and the existing legislation, the investigation for possible revocation of nationalities be accelerated, where possible and required,” the letter said.

He also suggested to the president that he call a meeting of party leaders for a discussion on whether the programme should be continued or terminated.

“If the decision is not to end it, then the parties’ suggestions for improving the programme will be heard at the meeting,” he added.

In case of non-termination, Syllouris suggests “there should be a suspension of the programme, until it is further improved, based on the concerns and suggestions of the leaders’ meeting”.

If the decision will be the continuation of the programme, possibly with corrective moves and improvements, then he proposes “the planning and undertaking of a structured information initiative, to deal with any, good or bad faith critics of the programme, which has offered a lot to the local economy “.

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