Three skills your dog will need, to learn to listen off-leash

Every pet deserves a loving and respectful home: please only consider acquiring a pet if you will be able to take care of its long-term needs. Also, consider choosing your animal companion from a shelter, where there are so many wonderful furry friends who need a forever home.

One goal for any dog owner is to teach your pet to listen off-leash. Whether the leash is attached to the collar or not, you want your pooch to have the same happy and motivated response, regardless of the location or the number of distractions in the environment.

But one commonly overlooked part of the training process to achieve this goal, is making sure all of the necessary skills are in place before starting the off-leash training.

In this video, dog trainer Steve demonstrates the three, must-have skills that a dog needs before being trained to listen with their leash off… which should be practised in short, fun training sessions with the leash on initially.

View the original video here.

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