TV shows we Love: Tomorrow

The Korean show Tomorrow was an emotional roller-coaster ride, dealing with suicide and a team of grim reapers, called the Risk Management Team, that act as guardians trying to convince people not to take their own lives.

The premise is that in this version of the afterlife, in Korea, souls of people that committed suicide go to hell, walking along a path of regret forever hearing the voices of the people they left behind and reliving painful moments.

The Risk Management Team, led by Ryeon Koo, who is one such case from centuries ago, deals with the heavy problems that face modern society, and lead people to taking their own life.

Each episode of the show deals with a different person going through a different situation. The grim reapers are alerted to them from a phone app, which if you ask me is very telling of the importance Korean society places on technology.

Once alerted, the grim reapers take on the role of someone the person can get close to, and the team delves into their backstory taking the audience on the journey of how the individual found themselves on the path that would lead them to commit suicide.

Most telling to me was the episode that spoke about the older woman that carried regret for having sent her friend to work for a supposed ‘factory’ in Japan in WWII, which ended up being a place for ‘comfort women’ used by the Japanese army.

These women, usually lower class from around the then Japanese empire, were forced into prostitution, forcing them to be sex slaves for the army.

The woman in the episode carried the guilt of sending her friend off to become one these women due to false advertising at the time, and she desperately wanted to find her and apologise before taking her own life.

Not only was this an emotional episode, it also shed light on a piece of history that we are not really taught in the western world, bringing home the atrocities of the war in Asia at the time.

Overall, while this show touches on many aspects of modern Korean society it also makes the issues relevant for all viewers.

Cyprus Mail