Theologian testifies in ongoing monastery scandal

Theologian Theodoros Kyriacou confirmed on Thursday that he provided testimony regarding a sexual harassment complaint filed by a former employee against the head of the beleaguered Osiou Avakoum monastery.

Kyriacou said he had been called in by the police the day before to provide a statement regarding the sexual harassment allegations.

“He [the complainant] now found the strength to give a statement, seeing everything that has occurred,” Kyriacou told Philenews.

Kyriacou added that the individual had approached him at the beginning of March to tell him his story and that the individual met him through the non-governmental organisation Accept LGBTI.

Kyriacou explained that he was called to give a statement to the police because the individual who made the allegations had mentioned his name to them.

Speaking to AlphaNews earlier, Kyriacou said that the individual is a vulnerable person and denied reports suggesting that the alleged victim had made contradictory statements.

“This individual has their own story. It [the alleged harassment] was not a onetime thing. These things happen to vulnerable people,” he said.

Commenting on behalf of Accept LGBTI, the secretary of the organisation Stefanos Evangelides said that the individual had approached the NGO a few months ago seeking advice.

He added that Accept LGBTI told the individual to seek advice from mental health professionals and anyone he thought could help.

“The organisation is clear that issues involving sexual harassment or abuse are very sensitive and we as a society must give victims the space and time and appropriate protection to be able to express any trauma they have suffered,” he said.

Meanwhile, the appointed Holy Synod committee said on Thursday that they are coordinating actions for their investigation.

However, the committee representative, Father Eleftherios skirted the subject of whether the two monks, who had allegations brought against them involving sex and fake miracles along with extortion, had been called to give testimony.

According to CNA sources, the monks may be required to give statements to the Synod about the matter, as they have also refuted all allegations brought against them.

Eleftherios clarified that they will not make any announcements about the investigations, aside from the progress.

He said after the investigative committee have seen all the evidence, they will turn their file over to the six-member church court, who will decide.

Police have also been keeping mum about the case, saying that they would not make any announcements until there is something to say.

Thursday marked sixteen days with no arrests in the scandal.

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